Fighting Against Inmates’ Radicalisation

763538 - FAIR - JUST-AG-2016/JUST-AG-2016-03 PROJECT NUMBER: 763538

  • Prevent violent radicalisation of inmates.
  • Promote disengagement.
  • Facilitate reintegration into society.

Housing Options: to integrate or to segregate?

  Different ideologies in relation to housing violent extremists within a prison setting exist. Currently, the debate revolves around segregation and integration. This lessons aims at looking at both philosophies and stressing the strengths and weaknesses of each. This should result in better risk assessment and management knowledge in housing violent extremists. […]

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  Through segregation, certain inmates are kept isolated from the rest of the prison population for various reasons. Reasons include: Discipline Security of the Prison National Security Protective Custody Segregated individuals are housed in a separate block and have no contact with other prisoners except for other segregated inmates. They cannot participate in regular activities […]

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