Fighting Against Inmates’ Radicalisation

763538 - FAIR - JUST-AG-2016/JUST-AG-2016-03 PROJECT NUMBER: 763538

  • Prevent violent radicalisation of inmates.
  • Promote disengagement.
  • Facilitate reintegration into society.

Prediction – hard sciences


Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a checklist that could predict violent extremist actions?

If one ticks a number of boxes then the probability that someone is an extremist is there. The more one ticks, the bigger the probability.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if one can prevent those tick boxes beforehand, avoiding catastrophic results of violent extreme action?
Doesn’t this thinking remind one of weather predictions: the more clouds, wind and change in barometric pressure you have, the more likely it will rain.

Most persons are attracted to science because of its ability to predict. This is based on observation: if one notices that a piece of metal expands, one can predict that if it is a hot day tomorrow, the metal will expand as it did today.


Prediction is basically 100% sure unless proven otherwise.