FAIR outcomes – FAIR

Fighting Against Inmates’ Radicalisation

763538 - FAIR - JUST-AG-2016/JUST-AG-2016-03 PROJECT NUMBER: 763538

  • Prevent violent radicalisation of inmates.
  • Promote disengagement.
  • Facilitate reintegration into society.

FAIR outcomes

    • FAIR project builds on the COLLECTION OF INSPIRING PRACTICES (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) in Europe regarding the measures for prevention of Islamic radicalisation in prisons, and on the report of RISK INDICATORS (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) for detecting radicalised inmates and inmates at risk of radicalisation. The report details the elements, attitudes and behaviours useful in detecting inmates at risk.
    • The needs of detention centre operators in preventing and/or dealing with radicalisation are summed up in the REPORT ON ANALYSIS OF THE OPERATORS NEEDS (EN).
    • JOINT GUIDELINES (EN) gives guidelines for prison operators to follow when detecting and mapping the needs of prison operators working with inmates at risk of radicalisation.
    • PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION  PROGRAMME (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) enables prison operators to prevent radicalisation of inmates, assists with disengagement from radicalisation and supports gradual transition towards inmate release.
    • Relevant supporting materials, gathered while preparing the above documents, are available on the FAIR WEB PLATFORM in 10 languages.
  • Round tables with stakeholders and decision makers are facilitated in all partner countries to depict the specific situation and needs in each national context. These are summed up in a JOINT DISCUSSION GROUPS REPORT (EN).
  • 170 prison operators from 9 countries are included in the TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR PRISON OPERATORS (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) which builds capacity of operators related to the detection of radicalisation factors in prisons and improves their knowledge and skills. Programme is available by lessons:
  • ONLINE CONSULTATION SERVICE in all partner languages allows clarification and guidance to the newly trained operators.
  • The process is evaluated through the EVALUATION GRID (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) and the results are summed up in PROGRAMME FOR PRISON OPERATORS EVALUATION REPORT (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI).
  • ALTERNATIVE DETENTION CENTRE FEASIBILITY STUDY (EN, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO) is implemented to investigate the benefits deriving from the creation of a centre to host radicalised offenders and inmates at risk of radicalisation after release. The centre will accompany them through a programme of disengagement and re-inclusion into society.
  • 12 COUNTRY PROTOCOLS (EN, HU, IT, LT, MT, PT) with key institutions for the creation of the alternative detention centre are established in participating countries.
  • PILOT PREVENTION AND REHABILITATION PROGRAMME EVALUATION REPORT (EN, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI), gathered using a joint methodology, serves to see the outcomes of the programme.
  • FAIR project addresses 10,000 citizens, 170 prison operators and 162 stakeholders through project website, Facebook and Linkedin profiles. It’s based on a common VISIBILITY PACKAGE with project logo and visual layouts. PROJECT LEAFLETS (EN, FI, HU, IT, LT, MT, NL, PT, RO, SI) are available for a quick project overview.