Fighting Against Inmates’ Radicalisation

763538 - FAIR - JUST-AG-2016/JUST-AG-2016-03 PROJECT NUMBER: 763538

  • Prevent violent radicalisation of inmates.
  • Promote disengagement.
  • Facilitate reintegration into society.


  Education: A good education is a prerequisite for a good job. Prisoners have a very poor educational history. Education training should start from the first few months of incarceration. Education for radicalised inmates needs to take a slight different turn to that of the general prison population. Desistance from violence. Highlight on religious education, […]

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Training and Employment

  Around two thirds of incarcerated offenders believe that a stable job would allow them to live a life free of crime. Radicalised inmates, especially those who have been members of the terror group for years, would need extra assistance to develop their skills in preparation for employment: Vocational training, Critical thinking, CV writing. […]

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